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Invisalign® in Yalesville

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Invisalign® provides the same effective treatment for misaligned teeth that braces provide, except they provide this treatment in comfortable fashion with clear plastic aligners. Our Yalesville Invisalign® aligners are custom fit to gradually move your teeth into the right positions for proper alignment. We will create customized trays or aligners to fit your teeth perfectly.

When you’re not wearing your Invisalign® aligners, you can remove them for easy cleaning. We recommend cleaning your aligners often to remove food and debris that could fill your aligners with bacteria. Contact our office to find out more about wearing Invisalign® aligners and how they could impact your teeth.

Invisalign® for Teens

Clear plastic aligners can be worn over your teeth to correct misaligned teeth over a period of time. Experts say Invisalign® may need to be worn up to 22 hours a day to properly correct your teeth. It seems like an easy, straightforward process, but there can be some complications, especially for youngsters.

Clear aligners have been available for adults for a while, but they weren't recommended for teenagers at first. This is because it was thought that teens wouldn't wear them for the recommended 22 hours a day, and there were questions about how effective Invisalign® aligners would be for teeth that are still developing.

Fortunately, new technology was developed to create aligners specifically for teenagers. Forrester Dental provides Invisalign® Teen aligners that include a compliance indicator (blue dot) that fades over time the more often the aligners are worn. The idea is to encourage youngsters to keep up with wearing their aligners all the time.

Invisalign® Teen aligners also include eruption tabs that are designed to hold space for teeth that haven’t fully come in yet. If your teenaged son or daughter needs Invisalign® treatment, call Forrester Dental and talk to our Yalesville dentist about the options that are available to you.

Invisalign® for Adults

The need for braces or teeth aligners is not just a problem for youngsters. Adults may need them as well. As an adult, the last thing you want is to have to wear metal braces every day. Fortunately, Forrester Dental offers an effective and discreet alternative.

Forrester Dental offers clear Yalesville Invisalign® aligners made of transparent polyurethane plastic. They are not like braces, which are uncomfortable and bonded to your teeth. These clear plastic aligners are completely removable. That means you can get the support your teeth need throughout the day but remove these nearly-invisible aligners for social situations, eating, and teeth brushing.

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